quinta-feira, agosto 17, 2006

Inspire me thursday

This week's theme is an Open Challenge. The staff in Inspire Me Thursday came up with this questions, that we should answer and go from there.

"What’s your favorite source for inspiration? Do you feel you need to shake things up in your art? Are you in the mood to try a new technique, a new color palette, a new medium? What is your passion? What are your fears? What is your favorite thing about creating? Your least favorite? Why do you create? Why are you an artist? How do you describe your art? What are your goals? Your dreams?"

And this is what I came up with. Some of the questions are still rolling over my head, unanswered... maybe I'll answer them one of this days.

open challenge

3 comentários:

Judy Scott disse...

fabulous work this design would make a great quilt block too! jx

Cassandra Russell disse...

very expressive and one to try!

Suzie Q disse...

Gorgeous! Very creative! :)