terça-feira, agosto 08, 2006

Dias produtivos...

For Illustration Friday theme Capture me and my kids worked together. We were learning how to paint with felt pens and they were amazed by the way I was painting. They said that I was doing the Spaghetti paint because I was painting with lines. And then they said: " Oh but that's right, because the air of your mermaid looks like spaghetti!

Mermaid captured by a pink algae. Maybe that is the reason why we don't see them often.

Two cars in a city and mountain scenario. They were captured by the red light. The one in the front is a Mercedes Vito with A. driving (he was already 18 years old) and the one in the back, is mine and it looks like the car that Mickey drives.

Our family in the supermarket with the sky as a scenario. The baby C. was captured on a tall toy, so she looks like she's flying. We were buying lots of food and some toys to go on holidays.

A tarde de domingo foi muito produtiva e engraçada. Estivemos sempre a fazer desenhos e eu aprendi que se pode pintar com canetas de feltro "à esparguete"...
Gostei, quero mais!

2 comentários:

Diane Duda disse...

Lovely, colorful art by all!

AscenderRisesAbove disse...

I love love love that you include your childrens art in IF. I have kept a great deal of my childrens art and want to present them back to them as they are full grown adults and do not know that I have kept them. I wish that teachers would use more archival materials though!! oh; but also wanted to say I don't keep art made out of food -- like those dried macacroni pictures and necklaces!